Why Sh*t Happens

Why Sh*t Happens

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Have you ever fallen victim to Murphy's law? Sometimes bad things just happen. In Why Sh*t Happens, esteemed British scientist Peter J. Bentley takes readers on an informative and amusing tour through the least lucky, most accident-prone day of their lives. From sleeping through the alarm clock and burning breakfast to getting caught in the rain and navigating a slippery road, Bentley brilliantly explores disaster and mishap on a molecular level. In the process, he explains the science behind each accident, arming readers with the knowledge to understand what went wrong and how they can steer clear of future harm. Science is respected, trusted, and according to Bentley, largely misunderstood. Why Sh*t Happens urges readers to arm themselves with the power of science in order to better understand the world around them. When a car engine is damaged by the wrong gasoline or a computer is attacked by a virus, science is not to blame, but rather can provide an explanation of what happened. In a text that exudes charm and wit, Bentley reveals the causes behind a wide spectrum of mishaps, including why that razor nick won't stop bleeding, why metal sparks in the microwave, what makes chewing gum stick in hair, and why milk tastes sour when it goes bad. Sh*t will always happen, but now readers will know exactly why. Enter, if you dare, the world of everyday disasters.A fuse has been blown. You flick it back on, and the lights come back. Back in the living room, the television remains dark and silent. No matter what you trya€”even changing the fuse in its pluga€”the TV set does not work. Ita#39;s been killed byanbsp;...

Title:Why Sh*t Happens
Author:Peter J. Bentley
Publisher:Rodale - 2009-03-03


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