Why We Lost

Why We Lost

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a€œWhy We Lost is neither a memoir nor a window into private meetings and secret discussions. It is a 500-page history . . . filled with heartfelt stories of soldiers and Marines in firefights and close combat. It weighs in mightily to the ongoing debate over how the United States should wage war.a€ a€” Washington Post Over his thirty-five year career, Daniel Bolger rose through the ranks of the army infantry to become a three-star general, commanding in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Perhaps more than anyone else, he was witness to the full extent of the wars, from 9/11 to withdrawal from the region. Not only did Bolger participate in top-level planning and strategy meetings, but he also regularly carried a rifle alongside soldiers in combat actions. Writing with hard-won experience and unflinching honesty, he argues that while we lost in Iraq and Afghanistan, we did not have to. Intelligence was garbled. Key decision makers were blinded by spreadsheets or theories. And we never really understood our enemy. Why We Lost is a timely, forceful, and compulsively readable account of these wars from a fresh and authoritative perspective. a€œCompelling.a€ a€” Wall Street Journal a€œBolger is a superb writer, and the booka€™s most riveting passages are those describing what ita€™s like to be an infantryman at the sharp end of battle.a€ a€” Cleveland Plain Dealer102 a€œI was just doing my joba€: Marco R. della Cava, a€œAlaskan Is First Female Pilot in Combat, a€ USA Today, December 19, 1998. ... Desert Fox: Effectiveness with Unintended Effects, a€ Air and Space Power Journal: Chronicle Online Journal ( July 5, 2005): 1, ... When the appointed day came: Ibid. See also Great Britain Ministry of Defence, Air Policing During the Interwar Years: Research Guide Bibliography ... 112 persistent threat to Kuwait: W. Eric Herr, Operation Vigilant 450 a€c Notes.

Title:Why We Lost
Author:Daniel Bolger
Publisher:Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - 2014-11-11


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