Whymap: all life in a diagram

Whymap: all life in a diagram

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Book of existential philosophy, practical manual of Problem Solving or essay for Neuroscience and Mathematics of Games? This book speaks about all these arguments and connect them to help us understand the Ego, that part of the mind that governs most of our behaviors. Then, it introduces a simple diagram, symbolic but also math, the Whymap, capable of uniting our part rational and the intuitive to evaluate the consequences of our actions. Whymap explains a practical way to find the best solutions to our problems, to evaluate the quality of a project, but also to understand how to measure social intelligence of our civilization. With this book, the reader will be capable of making prudent choices for himself and for the world, and will find that to become a genius is easy for everyone.Having balanced a clay jug above the slightly open door, he then called the youngestof his sons. The young lad opened the door, causing the jug to fall. Immediately afterwards he tripped over the fragments, sending them flyingtowards theanbsp;...

Title:Whymap: all life in a diagram
Author:Luciano Rizzo
Publisher:Luciano Rizzo - 2012-01-30


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