Wiki vs NWO (New World Order)

Wiki vs NWO (New World Order)

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Most people shun the word conspiracy. The media has made it seem like all conspiracies are theories and that anyone who discusses them is a tinfoil hat. Yet anyone who has studied history or business knows that conspiracies are a part of the human experience. Once we realize this, the question arises: what conspiracies are occurring in our time that are significant? What perceptions of the world do we hold that are incorrect? Western civilization, although technologically advanced beyond the days of a Flat Earth or geocentric universe, is blind to it's own corruptions. Our governing practices were established over a century ago - and have evolved very little. If we could apply the success we've had in science, technology, and understanding the human condition to the way we govern our society, what would our world look like? Be forewarned. The journey starts off frightfully dark and many people do not have the emotional fortitude to face the real demons. But if you make the journey it is very rewarding to realize that we have at our disposal the means to create a remarkable world for the next generation if we so choose. This book blends business management strategies leveraged by technology to address the inherent problems in governments. Presented in a clear, step-by-step manner that provides readers with a unique and fresh look at alternatives to our present system.a€œWe believe these genetic elements may form part of a sophisticated and previously unrecognised digital instruction manual for the assembly of complex organisms like humans.a€ I find it amusing that the scientific establishment would onceanbsp;...

Title:Wiki vs NWO (New World Order)
Author:Grant Elder
Publisher:FriesenPress - 2014-11-05


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