Will You Accept This Rose?

Will You Accept This Rose?

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Dr. Kelsey Burns escaped a gruesome past but what did it cost her. She works long hours and has few friends. When Barbara goaded her into going on a popular reality show, she went with every intention of being the first female to leave. Then she met HIM and all her plans for a quiet, lonely life went up in smoke. She evaded him but he finally cornered her in the kitchen and when he touched her, all pretense of being unaffected went up in the flames of a fiery kiss. Can she forget her past and accept the rose he's offering or will her past cause her to lose the one thing she really wants?a€œThen I guess that Chance and Tre had better do something to catch upa#39; 2, a€œWell, if I know my friend and your cousin, they are probably at home ... I mean, you think that we should see Kelsey and ask about why it is taking so long to conceive?

Title:Will You Accept This Rose?
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-02


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