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Marsha Jones is back with her latest literary installment, Win-Win, a story about love in the world of semi-professional football. Meet Madison, a charming, sexy, and widowed filmmaker who has put her life on hold when it comes to romance. Her best friend Jaymz, a film critic who has an opinion about everything, tries to help jumpstart it anyway he can. Hunter Rodriguez is the Hive football teama€™s star quarterback. He has been married to his wife, Renee for more than 10 years. Hunter doesna€™t want to acknowledge the fact that his marriage is on the rocks. Renee wants Hunter to a€œgrow upa€ and a€œgive up his dreamsa€ of playing professional football. . After a series of personal tragedies, each character has a decision to make. What will they do for love? Will Madison let go of the past and open up her heart to love again? Will Renee stay in a sinking and loveless relationship? Is Hunter able to salvage his marriage and keep his secret? Will sparks fly Madison and Sterling? Win-Win answers all these questions and takes a whimsical look at what people will do for love, how lost love can make us stronger, and why it takes two people to hold onto it.Sterling knew he was a good man and that any woman in her right mind would be glad to have him. He couldna#39;t figure out the a€œholda€ Madison had over him. The turn signal clicked and the car turned right. Sterling looked at his watch: it was oneanbsp;...

Author:Marsha Jones
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-03-16


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