Wind Loading of Structures

Wind Loading of Structures

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Bridging the gap between wind and structural engineering, Wind Loading of Structures demonstrates the application of wind engineering principles to ensure maximum safety in a variety of structures. This book will assist the practising engineer in understanding the principles of wind engineering, and provide guidance on the successful design of structures for wind loading by gales, hurricanes, typhoons, thunderstorm downdrafts and tornados. The principles of meteorology, statistics and probability, aerodynamics and structural dynamics are covered in the first half of the book. The second half describes, qualitatively and quantitatively, the nature of wind loads on all types of structures, including low-rise and tall buildings, large stadium roofs, towers and chimneys, bridges, transmission lines, free-standing walls and roofs, and antennae. Special features include coverage of extreme winds in tropical and sub-tropical climates, wind-tunnel testing techniques, a summary of the wind climates of over sixty countries, and detailed coverage of internal as well as external wind pressures on buildings. A comparison is made of the provisions for wind loads in six major national and international codes and standards. Examples and case studies are given in each chapter that make the book suitable for supporting university graduate courses in wind loading and response.ASCE Manual and Reports on Engineering Practice No. 74, ASCE, New York. Basu, R.I. and Vickery, B.J. (1983) Across-wind vibrations of structures of circular crosssection. Part II. Development of a mathematical model for full-scaleanbsp;...

Title:Wind Loading of Structures
Author:John D. Holmes
Publisher:CRC Press - 2007-04-17


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