Windows on the Internet

Windows on the Internet

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This book/CD-ROM package provides the only published support for most of the software in the suite. The result is an easy-to-use toolkit for Internet connection and exploration that will save Windows users a lot of time, effort and money. Specific topics covered include CU-SeeMe, Instu-Gold, Wincode, LView Pro, TC/TCP and Windows Sockets, Trumpet Winsock, Mosaic, WWW and much more.New Article command, 151, 154 New Window command, 235 news, reading with WinVN, 131-163 Nickname command, 177 node name, 7 NOT, 215 O ODIPKT, 276-279 Online command, 28 online status detection, 24 Open File ... command, 28 Outputecho command, 28 P packet drivers, 10-13 installing, 11-13 installing Trumpet Winsock over, 18 SLIP/PPP, ... 236 Rename command, 86 repeat statement, 31 Reset command, 150, 176 RmDir command, 86 ROT13 command, 163 Runanbsp;...

Title:Windows on the Internet
Author:John P. Morphet
Publisher:Computing McGraw-Hill - 1995-01-01


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