Without Rule of Law

Without Rule of Law

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WARNING: This book contains material that may be offensive to some readers. It is an instructional guide covering tactical actions and capabilities which should only be executed in last-resort survival situations.a ; a ;This book was written for non-military readers who believe in self-reliance and wish to develop advanced, just-in-case capabilities for themselves and their families. It leads the reader through progressively more complex preparations and activities. a ; a ;Written by Joe Nobody, author of the bestselling HOLDING YOUR GROUND series of books, this work addresses skills that may be necessary to survive if a breakdown of society or government should occur.a ; a ;The work covers topics such as camouflage, breaching, hiding, stalking, looting, scavenging, infiltration and disguise. The book includes numerous examples, special equipment, exercises and instructional text on how to plan, equip and execute these actions in a potentially hostile, post-SHTF environment. It takes the reader through various scenarios and provides guidance should TEOTWAWKI occur and extreme measures are required to survive.The book The TEOTWAWKI Tuxedo contains a complete reference on the subject . ... A quick primer follows: The MOLLE system allows the connection of dozens of different types of pouches, bags, ... The Base item, whether it is a vest, belt, pack or other component, will be manufactured with rows of what appear to be loopsanbsp;...

Title:Without Rule of Law
Author:Joe Nobody
Publisher:Kemah Bay Marketing - 2012-01-12


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