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This book presents autobiographical visions of women writing teachers -- their complex lives as writers, as instructors, as feminists, as professionals in the academy. The authors explore their complex identities as teachers: the particular configurations of their pasts, gender, class, ethnic backgrounds, personalities, and cultures that have shaped their personae as instructors of writing. The contributors explore the intersections of their past and present experiences that influence and guide their development as writers and as instructors of writing. The book discusses how women can emerge from silence, gain authority and power as professionals, and balance the private and public aspects of their lives. In addition, it addresses how women constitute themselves as literacy teachers and what models of feminist pedagogy emerge. Women/Writing/Teaching is notable for the range, depth, and richness of the chapters; the dynamic interplay of voices, approaches, issues, and concerns; the multiethnic focus; and the high quality of the writings. It will prompt readers to explore their own life stories and to comprehend more fully women's complex lives as teaching professionals.At this point in my understanding, then, I am beginning to see solitude less as a physical state of being, which I cannot always maintain, ... of space at the corner of a table, at a chair in an otherwise crowded room, in piles of file folders with descriptive labels, or boxes of diskettes, ... number of meetings, lectures, or other public events; or I find it in atypical places, like my favorite place this yeara€”the shower.

Author:Jan Zlotnik Schmidt
Publisher:SUNY Press - 1998-01-01


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