Wondrous One Sheet Origami (B&w Edition)

Wondrous One Sheet Origami (B&w Edition)

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This is a step by step how-to book for folding stunning single sheet origami. You will be amazed that these designs are made out of something as ordinary as a single sheet of paper, employing no cuts or glue. Author Meenakshi Mukerji is the winner of Origami USA's 2005 Florence Temko Award and after four highly acclaimed books on modular origami, she has launched her first book on single sheet origami. The designs presented in this richly illustrated book are proven favorites, the instructions sought after by avid folders worldwide. Expect hours of enjoyment folding several dozen models and variations. Most of them lie flat, so mount them on cards or frame them for gifts. Though a grayscale version of the original book, most finished models are shown in color on the cover. For ages 12 and up. A preview may be found in http://www.origamee.net/book5/index.html qMeenakshi Mukerji is one of today's masters of modular origami, geometric designs comprised of multiple folded pieces of paper assembled without glue. In her newest book, she brings her ingenuity and creativity to designs made from a single piece of paper. Among the most appealing aspects of this book is the way she subtly manipulates a purely geometric design to form a flower (including a beautiful 12-petaled Hollyhock), a leaf, a butterfly, or familiar symbols such as the four suits from a deck of cards. Although many of her designs are complex and three-dimensional, requiring an abundance of both patience and dexterity to fold, she provides crystal-clear diagrams with lucid text and doesn't stint on providing perspective drawings (which are challenging and time-consuming to produce) when needed. In addition to presenting her own stunning designs, Mukerji offers up designs and biographies of three a€œguest foldersa€ whose work is as stunning as her own. Of these designs, my favorite is the mind-boggling a€œFloral Perpetua, a€ which uses a recursive (self-repeating) folding process to mimic the concentric layers of petals in a blooming flower. It's worth the price of admission all on its own. Like this spectacular model, Mukerji's book yields riches in perpetuity!q --Peter Engel, author of Origami Odyssey: A Journey to the Edge of Paperfolding, 10-Fold Origami, and Folding the Universe: Origami from Angelfish to ZenThis is a step by step how-to book for folding stunning single sheet origami.

Title:Wondrous One Sheet Origami (B&w Edition)
Author:Meenakshi Mukerji
Publisher:CreateSpace - 2014-03-01


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