Words You Should Know 2013

Words You Should Know 2013

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The most influential words and phrases of 2013! Every day, hundreds of new words join our vocabulary, whether they're scientific creations, cultural terms, or politically and historically charged additions. With Words You Should Know 2013, you will not only be able to keep up with the changing language, but also discover how these important concepts will impact your life in 2013. This book reveals the origins, usage, and influence of 201 brand-new expressions, including: Gaia mission: a European Space Association project that will map out the galaxy Cash mob: a spinoff of a flash mob, this group of shoppers descends upon an establishment with the idea that they will all spend a collectively agreed-upon sum in order to stimulate the local economy Babymoon: a short vacation an expecting couple takes to savor the simplicity of life before children SkyVue: aiming to be the world's third-largest Ferris Wheel in the world, this 500-foot ride will be the newest addition to the Vegas skyline in 2013 From cyberespionage and gendercide to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and aerostats, Words You Should Know 2013 presents you with words and phrases that will define your way of life this year.The word is a combination of anticipation and disappointment and its use happens when those two sentiments intersect. ... Therea#39;s the promise of an Apple TV set and the completion ofthe worlda#39;s biggest skyscraper, called Sky City, in China. ... Googlea#39;s super advanced glasses that can display notifications and content from your phone onto a mini screen just in front ... rElATEd wordS: Apple iTV, Project Glass, Sky City rElATEd wordS: Apple, fanboy/fangirl, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Smart TV.

Title:Words You Should Know 2013
Author:Nicole Cammorata
Publisher:Adams Media - 2012-11-18


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