Working With Students With Disabilities

Working With Students With Disabilities

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Working with Students with Disabilities: Preparing School Counselors by Vicki A. McGinley and Barbara C. Trolley is an essential tool for all school counselors in training and in practice with the aim to provide a comprehensive approach to working with students with disabilities in a school setting. As more students with disabilities are being included, school counselors need to have a fundamental understanding of the terminology, laws, principles, collaboration, assessment measures, and psycho-social, diversity issues associated with special education. This book continues in the trend of providing sound, evidenced-based knowledge with practical case examples and guided exercises, making the material 'come alive' and fostering critical thinking. a€œFinally, a book FOR school counselors that specifically addresses the needs of students with disabilities and how we can interface with the team in supporting these students.a€ a€“Nona Cabral, California Baptist University a€œMcGinley and Trolley have brought together in one exceptional volume the vast material that modern school counselors often leave the classroom searching for a€“ how to understand the complexities of the system in regards to students with special needs, how to best collaborate with professionals and families in meeting those needs, and how to best structure interventions and programs to move those students forward across social, emotional, and academic realms.a€ a€“Carrie Lynn Bailey, Georgia Southern University a€œMcGinley and Trolley have crafted a text that illuminates the multifaceted responsibilities of school counselors relevant to special education. Faculty, graduate students and practicing counselors alike will find the problem-based learning approach a helpful guide for integrating the content covered in this text into their professional practice.a€ a€“Kylie P. Dotson-Blake, East Carolina University a€œSpecial education students are frequently the most marginalized group on school campuses. Working with Students with Disabilities: Preparing School Counselors points to ways school counselors can open pathways for creating a learning community that supports all students.a€ a€“Rolla E. Lewis, California State University, East BayShe was not able to establish a basal point at her recommended grade level. On unfamiliar ... Reading comprehension is the ability to extract meaning from printed text. On this subtest, Michelle was required to read a series of passages and to answer a number of literal and inferential questions regarding the passagea#39;s content. ... AIMSweba€”8th grade probes Computation 9/7/11 a€“ 2/80 ( Goal a€“ 20/80)

Title:Working With Students With Disabilities
Author:Vicki A. McGinley, Barbara C. Trolley
Publisher:SAGE Publications - 2015-10-13


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