World Empire and the Return of Jesus Christ

World Empire and the Return of Jesus Christ

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The World Empire is coming by degrees - right now it is being built! That which Jesus predicted before his return, will be fulfilled - we are nearing the threshold point. Read for yourself the clear evidence of this global development and the outcome of world events.In your hands is a book which provides an overall view of the end times scheme, in a readable way. Within these pages the author humbly believes that the reader will find something on almost every aspect of this area of Christian teaching. It has been extensively researched, vastly sourced and uses over 1500 endnotes in support. 'World Empire and the return of Jesus Christ' offers a highly credible argument. As that is so, The Church of Jesus needs to arise and understand the times in which she exists. She must become active, telling others about Christ, and by living out the true gospel in word and deed. We are to be the prophetic voice in the wilderness for the Lord.Reader - Jesus Christ is coming in his glorious splendour. Every eye will see him, every knee shall bow before him and every person throughout history will confess him as Lord. The power of that day will be unrivalled, as the wondrous promises of God will come to pass. There is nothing more magnificent than this...What a day it will be!Illuminati, the cult that hijacked the world, Dr. Henry Makow, Silas Green, Ac 2009. Illuminati 2: deceit and seduction, Dr. Henry Makow, Silas Green, Ac 2010. Inside the Brotherhood, Martin Short, Grafton, Ac 1990. Interlinear Greek-English, Newanbsp;...

Title:World Empire and the Return of Jesus Christ
Author:Simon Downing
Publisher:Xulon Press - 2011-08-01


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