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Just one of the Deadly Sins. Sometimes, it just doesn't pay to be the best at what you do. Take Jake Chase for example: He's a smart, NYU grad; He's handsome in an innocent, boyish way; He's with the FBI anti-terrorism unit; He's on the biggest case of his life. But, and there's always a but where Jake's concerned: The evidence isn't adding up, at least in his head; He doesn't think that terrorists bombed Paramount; He thinks his boss did; And he's pretty sure his family had something to do with it. But, he has no proof... only a gut feeling.Although the house is over one hundred years old, it had all of the modern amenities: Wolf stoves, oversized Sub Zero refrigerators, Bosch dishwashers; though neither Diane nor Jake did much cooking or cleaning. In the basement, Jack hadanbsp;...

Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-07-01


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