Write On

Write On

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Novelist, critic, lecturer, reviewer, man-about-conferences, David Lodge, as both analyst and practitioner, is one of our foremost experts in the forms of fiction. He is also an uncommonly sympathetic and informed observer of the passing scene, and his penetrating vision is set in a consistently ironic frame. David Lodge's humour can be a devastating weapon, but it is continually engaging because as often as not the sniper's sights are trained on the author himself, and on the curiously mobile, cosmopolitan yet specialist world he inhabits. The essays and reviews collected in this volume are selected from the occasional writings over a span of twenty years, and are all prompted by an impulse - or an invitation - to qwrite onq some specific topic: a book, a film, an anniversary, a trip abroad. They also reflect the drive of the professional to keep writing, qto keep the muscles of composition exercised.q The pieces collected here are designed for a wide audience, and most focus, in more or less direct ways, on Lodge's own work as a novelist. Enthusiasts will take especial pleasure in discovering sources for episodes from his novels, in tracing how reality mutates into fiction - or how on occasion, the process works the other way round.... going mad (he had reached the stage of saving time by shaving while driving to work and dictating letters through the door ... The Cambridge novels of C. P. Snow, for instance, notably his classic study of a college election in The Masters, were ... but a man of passion and feeling; while the young student who offers a convenient focus for the desire may be unable ... was classically analysed by F. M. Cornford in his little pamphlet Microcosmographia Academica: being a guide for theanbsp;...

Title:Write On
Author:David Lodge
Publisher:Random House - 2012-05-31


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