Writing Fast Programs

Writing Fast Programs

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Writing Fast Programsq provides the basic elements of code optimization and provides strategies for reducing bottlenecks in practical simulation and numerical modeling code. The target audience is scientists and engineers and students in these fields. One pre-publication reviewer called this a much-needed intermediate text to bridge the gap between existing introductory and more advance programming books aimed at scientists. qWriting Fast Programsq does not teach basic programming; some programming proficiency is assumed, along with familiarity with the basic programming terminology. Code examples are presented in C, but BASIC (as a convenient pseudo-language) examples are provided for those not familiar with C. In general, the strategies presented are not language specific and should therefore benefit a wide programming audience. For example, similar techniques have been discussed for Java.This is used to perform loop operations in ASSEMBLY Language. For example, Listing 2.4 performs the integer multiplication 6*2 (pretending for a moment the x86 instruction set does not include a MUL instruction!). Listing 2.4 x86 ASSEMBLYanbsp;...

Title:Writing Fast Programs
Author:John Riley
Publisher:Cambridge Int Science Publishing - 2006


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