Writing Prompts 1

Writing Prompts 1

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Writing prompts are used by writers when they cana€™t think of anything to write about, otherwise known as writera€™s block. For a writer there is nothing worse than writera€™s block. The way you use this little handy e-book full of story starters, subjects, and word prompts, is to scroll down the list until something catches your eye and sparks your imagination. Thata€™s the prompt you should use. Mix and match word prompts, story starters, and anything else you can think of to help you. All writers use prompts of some kind, such as sentences, words, and even pictures. So remember to keep this little ebook handy and use it whenever youa€™re writing and you need a quick idea, a new twist to a story, or a prompt to help you create a story or nudge you out of your writer's block. Adjust them as needed. They are here to help you. P.S. My book a€˜Scary Storya€™ came from a 5 word prompt. Ita€™s amazing what you can do with a word prompt. I believe in them. Thata€™s why I wrote this.Haunted houses, Human Resources, Holidays, Humor, Instructional Design work , Insurance, Internet Trends, Inline ... Ipads, Internet Marketing, Internet, Inspiration, Jobs, Jewelry, Japan, Lawn Care, Learning to Read, London, London Bridge, anbsp;...

Title:Writing Prompts 1
Author:Christy Davis
Publisher:Christy Davis - 2013-09-05


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