Writing Skills

Writing Skills

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Developed on the premise that every adult has different learning needs, the Cambridge GED Program offers a flexibility unmatched by any other program. Adults may work solely within the Comprehensive Book, since it's packed with all the GED preparation tools they need -- more test-taking practice than any other program on the market, a variety of test taking tips, writing activities throughout, a complete essay writing section, and so much more. Learners who may need even further instruction in a particular content area can turn to any of the five satellites for more in-depth instruction. Each satellite is accompanied by a helpful Exercise book that offers extra support for each subject. What's more, the entire program is easy to navigate through. Progress charts help adults identify areas where more instruction is needed, and all the components are correlated for easy access! The accompanying Teacher's Guide offers structured lesson plans and incorporates activities ranging from warm-up to wrap-up. The guide also offers test taking guidelines, motivational activities, and classroom management suggestions to keep students on task. The Cambridge GED Program offers flexibility and pacing -- so adults obtain the GED preparation that's right for them! Supportive content area Satellite books provide additional instruction and practice in a particular area, with skills taught in conjuction with content. With a Satellite dedicated to each content area -- Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Writing Skills, and Interpreting Literature and the Arts -- students can focus on areas where they need more targeted instruction. A Predictor Test in each book helps students determine theirstrengths and weaknesses before they plan their studies -- making their preparation efforts most effective. GED test-taking skills are presented throughout the text. Grammar section includes usage, sentence structure, mechanics, and editing. Special section on Writing Skills, Part 2: The Essay integrates the stages of process writing with high-interest GED-style topics. The Cambridge GED Program Exercise books correlate directly to the Satellites, and supply adult learners with an abundance of practice in Social Studies, Science, Interpreting Literature and the Arts, Math and Writing. With up-to-date information, the Exercise book enables learners to become familiar with the GED style and actual test format. They present plenty of graphs that clarify concepts. There are detailed answers and explanations for every exercise and test item.(Possible answers might include purpose, effect, and examples.) Lesson ... 5. Have the supporting paragraphs been assigned an order? Lesson 5 Writing an Essay Lesson Warm- Up Activity: Have the students read the essay on page 246.

Title:Writing Skills
Author:Cambridge Educational Services
Publisher:Cambridge Adult Education - 2002-02-01


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