Wwii Letters of Three Brothers and Their Sister

Wwii Letters of Three Brothers and Their Sister

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FIRST, there is an error. Chapter I title should be FAMILY not BOOT CAMP IN SAN DIEGO. My mother, unknown to me, kept my several hundred letters home during WWII as well as those of my two brothers and sister and when I found them thought them worth publishing. We were what was known as a Blue Star Family of Four. The Gold Stars were for those killed in action. While I donAat have the figures I doubt there was a large number of families with four on active duty during WW II. We were a very patriotic family. First, my elder brother, Sam, joined in January, 1942, shortly after Pearl Harbor. I followed in June of that year, my sister entered the Waves in 1943 and my younger brother the Army Air Force in 1944. We all wrote many letters, however, most here in are mine as I have access only to those my siblings wrote to me. The Navy is viewed primarily through my letters as I was transferred first to San Diego, California for Boot Camp. Subsequently orders sent me to Lakehurst, New Jersey for training in Aerology, i.e. weather forecasting. Upon graduation I was assigned to duty in Houma, Louisiana which was a LTA base whose airships scouted the gulf for German submarines. Later I was ordered to officers training, became an Ensign and served on the U.S.S. Tanner, a hydrographic survey ship. Brother Sam served in the pacific between New Calidonia and Australia. Sister Jane became a Link Trainer, i.e. she trained pilots and was stationed in Atlanta, Georgia. Brother John became a pilot, but the war being over he saw no active duty. However, he decided to make a career in the military and saw more than enough action in Viet Nam to satisfy even him. Following is the first letter I wrote home from Boot Camp in San Diego.Sure needed one bad for it has been two weeks since the last one. Has Aunt Anna#39;s offspring arrived yet? Is it a he or she? According to Mr. Wingo, Curtis took up wiring in the army. That surprises me for he always detested electrical work. Alsoanbsp;...

Title:Wwii Letters of Three Brothers and Their Sister
Author:William D. Hedges
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-02


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