XML Topic Maps

XML Topic Maps

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XML Topic Maps is designed to be a qliving documentq for managing information across the Web's interconnected resources. The book begins with a broad introduction and a tutorial on topic maps and XTM technology. The focus then shifts to strategies for creating and deploying the technology. Throughout, the latest theoretical perspectives are offered, alongside discussions of the challenges developers will face as the Web continues to evolve. Looking forward, the book's concluding chapters provide a road map to the future of topic map technology and the Semantic Web in general.... Organization on Internet Mini-FAQ. Electronic publication at http://index.bonn.iz -soz.de/~sigel/ISKO/wiss-org.faq.html, no longer updated. ... Wurzburg: Ergon, pp . 254- 260. Also available at http://www.ils.imc.edu/~solomon/hp/pso. ako.7.pdf.

Title:XML Topic Maps
Author:Jack Park, Sam Hunting
Publisher:Addison-Wesley Professional - 2003


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