XVIIth International Congress on Mathematical Physics

XVIIth International Congress on Mathematical Physics

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The International Congress on Mathematical Physics is a major conference in its field that attracts a very wide spectrum of researchers. Held every three years, it provides an overview of recent developments and achievements in mathematical physics. This volume presents the plenary lectures and invited topical session lectures from the XVIIth ICMP, which was held in Aalborg, Denmark, August 2012. It also includes additional material from the Congress. In this volume, one can find survey lectures on orthogonal polynomials, random systems, information theory in physics, several aspects of quantum field theory and quantum mechanics, general relativity, and classical and quantum dynamical systems. The topical sessions covered the following areas: Dynamical systems, classical and quantumEquilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical mechanicsPDE and general relativityStochastic models and probabilityOperator algebras, exactly solvable modelsQuantum mechanics and spectral theoryQuantum information and computationQuantum many-body theory and condensed matter physicsQuantum field theoryString theory and quantum gravity Readers are exposed to state-of-the-art views on mathematical physics. Several of the plenary lectures give broad surveys on recent activities, for example, in orthogonal polynomials, PDE in mathematical physics, and information theory in physics. Contents:PrizesPlenary LecturesTopical Sessions:Dynamical Systems, Classical and QuantumEquilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Statistical MechanicsPDE and General RelativityStochastic Models and ProbabilityOperator Algebras, Exactly Solvable ModelsQuantum Mechanics and Spectral TheoryQuantum Information and ComputationQuantum Many-Body Theory and Condensed Matter PhysicsQuantum Field TheoryString Theory and Quantum GravityOther TopicsYoung Researcher Symposium Readership: Students, researchers and professionals in mathematical physics, mathematicians, physicists, and theoretical chemists. Keywords:Mathematical Physics;Quantum Field Theory;Quantum Mechanics;Information Theory;General Relativity;Stochastic ModelsKey Features:It is an invaluable collection that contains surveys of recent developments in the field of mathematical physicsIt covers all important areas of mathematical physicsContributions by the best in the field, for example, Freeman Dyson, Barry Simon, Klaus Hepp, etc.Language is considerably simplified in manuals, for instance in instructions for cooking and constructions. The IKEA manuals for assembling furniture are purely pictorial, and cooking recipes contain a rich exotic vocabulary. Reading andanbsp;...

Title:XVIIth International Congress on Mathematical Physics
Author:Arne Jensen
Publisher:World Scientific - 2013-09-12


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