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May 2013 issue includes articles by internationally recognized scholars. Articles and Features include:Aca‚nAc qCity Unplanning, q by David Schleicher Aca‚nAc qRethinking the Federal Eminent Domain Power, q by William Baude Aca‚nAc qBehavioral Economics and Paternalism, q by Cass R. Sunstein Aca‚nAc qThe Continuum of Excludability and the Limits of Patents, q by Amy Kapczynski a Talha SyedIn addition, the issue includes substantial contributions from student editors: Aca‚nAc Note, qShould the Ministerial Exception Apply to Functions, Not Persons?, q by Jed Glickstein Aca‚nAc Note, qHow Do You Measure a Constitutional Moment? Using Algorithmic Topic Modeling To Evaluate Bruce Ackerman's Theory of Constitutional Change, q by Daniel Taylor Young Aca‚nAc Comment, qInterpretation Step Zero: A Limit on Methodology as 'Law, 'q by Andrew Tutt Aca‚nAc Comment, qThe JOBS Act and Middle-Income Investors: Why It Doesn't Go Far Enough, q by James J. Williamson Finally, the issue features selected results from the qPrison Law Writing Contest, q authored by Elizabeth A. Reid, Ernie Drain, and Aaron Lowers29, 2006, http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2006/1 1/061 129-violins- alchemy.html (reporting findings of a study using magnetic resonance and ... See YOCHAI BENKLER, THE WEALTH OF NETWORKS: HOW SOCIAL PRODUCTION TRANSFORMS MARKETS AND FREEDOM 43, 45-46 (2006). 29. ... See, for example, Radiohead Reveal How Successful a#39;In Rainbows a#39; Download Really Was,

Title:Yale Law Journal
Author:Yale Law Journal
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