Year of the Chick series (Romantic Comedy boxed set)

Year of the Chick series (Romantic Comedy boxed set)

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[NOTE: each novel in the boxed set is about 74, 000 words for a total of approximately 850 printed pages] This three-book romantic comedy series is all about starting from nowhere (no dating skills, no passion for a corporate job, low self-esteem), and undergoing a big transformation. The years go on, the landscapes change, and all along our heroine genuinely grows, as she moves past failures, achieves personal goals, becomes a better friend, and even gets the chance to fall in love. More specifically, there's Internet romance (or obsession? Fine line...), there's a meeting with the right guy at the wrong time, there's long-distance romance turmoil, and there's a life-changing journey to a totally different place. The stories are told in a bold narrative with punchy dialogue, to give this series a little more edge than your typical chicklit books. Throughout the series there's also an underlying tension caused by culture clash, when a strict Indian background brings up totally unpleasant scenarios (pressure to get married, pressure to get an ARRANGED get the drift). ---------------------------------- LENGTH: each romantic comedy is a full-length novel of about 74, 000 words (or between 280-285 printed pages each) DISCLAIMER: the books contain occasional profanities and mild sexual referencesThat was the thing about re-opening old wounds; the blood was like inspiration on the page, and for the first time in my life there was a ... and I ignored Barb, the most friendly bookshop owner who wanted to help with all my marketing and sell my first book in her shop. ... in Tuscany, and no actual game plan on how to face Erik and his girlfriend...or fiancAce...or wife...or soul-mate...or whatever the hell label she had now. ... You couldna#39;t build a better angel if you made her out of Legos.

Title:Year of the Chick series (Romantic Comedy boxed set)
Author:Romi Moondi
Publisher:Romi Moondi - 2014-11-19


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