Yogi Heroes and Poets

Yogi Heroes and Poets

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An exploration of the history, religion, and folklore of the NAths, a Hindu lineage known for Hatha yoga practice. This book provides a remarkable range of information on the history, religion, and folklore of the NAth Yogis. A Hindu lineage prominent in North India since the eleventh century, NAths are well-known as adepts of Hatha yoga and alchemical practices said to increase longevity. Long a heterogeneous group, some NAths are ascetics and some are householders; some are dedicated to personified forms of Shiva, others to a formless god, still others to Vishnu. The essays in the first part of the book deal with the history and historiography of the NAths, their literature, and their relationships with other religious movements in India. Essays in the second part discuss the legends and folklore of the NAths and provide an exploration of their religious ideas. Contributors to the volume depict a variety of local areas where this lineage is prominent and highlight how the NAths have been a link between religious, metaphysical, and even medical traditions in India. a€œThis book has three merits: it fosters the interest in NAths, it provides a summative evaluation of previous studies and it presents on-going research a€b The many approaches a€b used in this book may give the impression of an intimidating and somehow discordant pluralism of interpretations. This reviewer, however, found such richness fitting the multifaceted essence of NAthism itself.a€ a€” Fabrizio M. Ferrari, Religions of South Asia a€œSeveral of the contributions cast new and important light on specific aspects of the NAths and will be of great interest to scholars and students of a variety of Indian religious traditions.a€ a€” Religious Studies Review a€œThere is no book on the market now that can compete directly with this volume. It brings out new data for a fresh understanding of the religious landscape of medieval India.a€ a€” Pashaura Singh, author of Life and Work of Guru Arjan a€œYogi Heroes and Poets expands our knowledge of historical, textual, and ethnographic issues related to the NAth Yogis. These essays provide a strong sense of the context that helped them emerge, as well as their later evolution.a€ a€” Gurinder Singh Mann, author of The Making of Sikh ScriptureThe principal aim of this collection of essays is to help redress this imbalance with discussions about the history of the Nath yogis and about ... These sources were written or spoken in a variety of languages: modern Hindi, old Hindi, Rajasthani, Bengali, Oriya, and Sanskrit. ... Thanks in part to the wonders of the Internet, it has been possible to efficiently assemble a team of scholars from several differentanbsp;...

Title:Yogi Heroes and Poets
Author:David N. Lorenzen, Adrián Muñoz
Publisher:SUNY Press - 2011-11-01


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