You Are Not a Loser

You Are Not a Loser

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If you have ever struggled with defining your professional success through the eyes of God and family, qYou Are Not A Loserq is for you. While the book was written for a Christian business audience, don't let the narrow niche fool you. Nurses, pastors, stay-at-home moms, business executives, and entrepreneurs have read qYou Are Not A Loser, q and the overwhelming response has been, qI couldn't put it down!q Others have called it qbrutally honest, q qfunny, q and qan excellent read.q Wallace qWallyq Gustafson is a Christian business owner with more than 20 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. A lifetime of small successes and numerous failures led him to write qYou Are Not A Loserq that outlines the many valuable lessons he learned. While putting God and family first is not always easy, it is always the most rewarding. Follow Wally's career from his first corporate job to his current entrepreneurial pursuit in qYou Are Not A Loser.q Watch him get promoted quickly as a young executive and then fall flat on his face. Share his excitement over a hot Internet startup and witness the tactical errors that cut his investor pool in half and ultimately killed the business. Then learn about the basement business he started simply to pay for vacations that grew into a multi-million dollar company that continues to experience explosive growth year after year. Regardless of where you are in your life and whatever professional struggles you might be facing, qYou Are Not A Loserq will make you think differently about how you approach your family and your application) that job seekers would fill out and submit online, credit card processing, and the many other technical ... Chris had secured his MBA from the University of Chicago and was working for an advertising agency in Chicago.

Title:You Are Not a Loser
Author:Wallace Gustafson - 2013-03-27


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