You Only Have to Be Right Once

You Only Have to Be Right Once

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The ultimate insider look at the newest titans of techa€”and what you can learn from their success In 2007, twenty-one-year old David Karp launched Tumblr, a simple micro-blogging platform, on a whim. By 2012, it had become one of the top ten online destinations, drawing 170 million visitors. By 2013, Yahoo had acquired Tumblr for over $1 billion. Just like that, a kid who hadna€™t even earned his high school diploma was worth over a quarter billion dollars. And hea€™s not the only one . . . Silicon Valleya€™s newest billionaires represent a unique and unconventional breed of entrepreneur: young, bold, and taking the world by storm with their extreme speed, insatiable hunger, and progressive leadership. These whiz kids (and, to be fair, a few adults) have the hottest companies in the world. They are all turning just one brilliant insight or hook into money at a rate never before seen in human historya€”creating companies that, even with no revenue, garner insane valuations. With unique insider access to the worlda€™s most influential and wealthy entrepreneurs, Forbes has dug in to find what these super-entrepreneurs say about their own success. This book, introduced, edited, and updated by Forbes editor Randall Lane, is the first comprehensive look at who these instant tech billionaires are and how they achieved their quick wins. With sixteen illuminating pieces, including two never-before published features, we get behind-the-scenes examinations of the founders of Spotify, Airbnb, Tumblr, Twitter, and more, including: Elon Musk: The billionaire founder of Paypal, electric carmaker Tesla, and private space company SpaceX. His extreme ambition is matched by his preternatural engineering mind; no wonder he was the model for Robert Downey Jr.a€™s portrayal of Iron Man. Evan Spiegel: The twenty-three-year old declined a $3 billion cash offer from Mark Zuckerberg, after making the mountain come to Mohammed (Snapchata€™s HQ is in Los Angeles) a€”an unheard of request from a young gun to one of the biggest players in Silicon Valley. The story of Snapchata€™s origin is even wilder than Facebooka€™s, but Spiegela€™s ability to parlay infamy and popularity into revenue is still up in the air, even as Snapchata€™s valuation continues to grow. Alex Karp: An eccentric philosopher with almost no tech background turned a Peter Thiel backed venture, Palantir, into a data-mining champion, with clients like the NSA, the FBI, and the CIA. Amid heated privacy concerns, Karp continues to grow Palantir like crazy, to $196 million in funding and an estimated $1 billion in contracts in 2014. You Only Have to Be Right Once is the definitive collection of everything we can learn from these incredible game changers and what their next moves spell for the future of business.... than the firsta€”a public, veryacrimonious breakup in2008 that capped what Muskhas called the most difficultyear ofhis life. ... If we dona#39;t solve this problem this century, we are fracked! ... Audi Q7 (style), and Porsche 911 (performance)a€” and the logical followup to his $50, 000 Model S electric sedan, which debuted in 2012.

Title:You Only Have to Be Right Once
Author:Randall Lane
Publisher:Penguin - 2014-10-16


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