YOU: Stress Less

YOU: Stress Less

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Stress is Americaa€™s #1 killer, aging people prematurely and compromising peoplea€™s health enormously. Culled from the pages of bestselling YOU: Staying Young, YOU: On a Diet, and YOU: Being Beautiful, this handy pocket guide that offers ninety-nine incredibly valuable tips to reverse the effects of stress is a must read. Therea€™s no question that stress can impact just about every part of your lifea€”the way you look, how you feel, how long you live, how well you sleep, what you eat, everything. Thata€™s why it is so important to have a good stress management plan in place, whether youa€™re used to juggling work, kids, gadgets, gizmos, or any of the hundreds of responsibilities that any of us have every day. While there are three kinds of stress, you may not know that they arena€™t all bad for you; some stress can actually work as a powerful motivator. The problem? When the wrong kinds of stress hammer you (and hammer you and hammer you), it can wear you down and cause lasting physical damage. YOU: Stress Less offers a 360-degree perspective on stress that combines the most up-to-date wisdom from the entire YOU: The Ownera€™s Manual series. Packed with meditation techniques, food recommendations, and lifestyle evaluation tools, this paperback is an essential guide to reducing your stress levels and improving your lifea€”with some changes that youa€™ll feel immediately. This portable, comprehensive guide is a perfect investment in your health and your happiness.This portable, comprehensive guide is a perfect investment in your health and your happiness.

Title:YOU: Stress Less
Author:Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet Oz
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2011-10-04


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