You: the Investment Guide:the Abcs of Pe

You: the Investment Guide:the Abcs of Pe

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This book explains everything you need to know about your money. It will give you a basic education written in simple English, starting from A and going all the way to Z. It is not a book for the sophisticated investor. I wrote this book for someone like myself more than thirty years ago-someone who knew absolutely nothing about stocks, bonds, money market instruments, puts, calls, and other investment vehicles. In writing this book I have avoided all nonessential details and concentrated on the fundamentals. When you finish you will understand all the basics you need to know in order to make informed investment decisions. If this book works the way it should for you, it can be taken as an informal introductory course on financial investments. It can also serve as a constant companion, a steady reference you can consult as you need it. If, for instance, you are looking for information on calls, you can turn to the section on options for a brief definition and a comprehensive treatment of the subject. To start with, of course, you should read the book slowly from beginning to end as often as you like, letting the facts gradually sink in. Regard it as a casual, ongoing dialogue between friends. There is no need to qfinishq it and rush on to something else. I hope this volume is instrumental in helping you achieve your long-term financial goals.SELLING PUTS AND CALLS The buyer is called the option bolder who holds the long position, and the seller is the option writer ... Writing covered calls means you own the underlying stock and are selling someone the right to buy it from you .

Title:You: the Investment Guide:the Abcs of Pe
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-08


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