You'll Never Know That God Is All You Need

You'll Never Know That God Is All You Need

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God Almighty, God the Creator of the heavens and the earth, God the Source of all that is, God the Creator of men the same God, in all His power and all His majesty, stops and listens when you pray. God has given mankind earthly license for heavenly intrusion. Through her unique perspective on often-misunderstood subjects, the best-selling author Dr. Beatrice N. Ofosuah takes the mystery and the myths out of prayer, providing practical answer for difficult issues about communicating with God. Remember, every flower has to push through some dirt. So overcome your fears, your limitations and your inadequacies. Excel in prayer and using the word of God, and invest in who you are and what you want to be. Ask and it shall be given. Master your emotions and your thoughts. Remember your entire life is a sum total of your words and choices. So say the right things, listen to the right people, and make the right choices. Set high goals for yourself, stay positive and dont quit. PUSH ! PUSH !! Dr. Beatrice N. Ofosuah is an international motivational speaker, best-selling author, lecturer, educator, and business consultant. Traveling extensively throughout the world, Dr. Beatrice is an anointed Vessel of God, ordained and licensed. A renowned certified/licensed professional counselor addresses emotional disorders and critical issues affecting the full range of human, social and spiritual development. The central theme of her message is Feeling and Healing of your Emotions and transformation of followers into leaders and the maximization of individual potential. She is founder and president of Hope -4- Women Ministries USA, Europe, and Africa also an Apostolic General to the InternationalEntrepreneur Women Ministries and Business Leader. Pastor Beatrice has earned her Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Counseling a Theology from Thereupon University, St. Thomas, US Virgin Island and an Honorary Doctoral Degree in Divinity for outstanding leadership from Christian Ministries Association in Chattanooga, Tennessee.If 1 handed you a car you had never seen before, you would not know its purpose , and the invention itself would not be able to tell you either. Only the creator or the car ownera#39;s manual could reveal its purpose. In the same way, you cannotanbsp;...

Title:You'll Never Know That God Is All You Need
Author:Beatrice N. Ofosuah
Publisher:Xulon Press - 2008-10-01


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