Your Money and Your Brain

Your Money and Your Brain

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What happens inside our brains when we think about money? Quite a lot, actually, and some of it isn't good for our financial health. In Your Money and Your Brain, Jason Zweig explains why smart people make stupid financial decisions -- and what they can do to avoid these mistakes. Zweig, a veteran financial journalist, draws on the latest research in neuroeconomics, a fascinating new discipline that combines psychology, neuroscience, and economics to better understand financial decision making. He shows why we often misunderstand risk and why we tend to be overconfident about our investment decisions. Your Money and Your Brain offers some radical new insights into investing and shows investors how to take control of the battlefield between reason and emotion. Your Money and Your Brain is as entertaining as it is enlightening. In the course of his research, Zweig visited leading neuroscience laboratories and subjected himself to numerous experiments. He blends anecdotes from these experiences with stories about investing mistakes, including confessions of stupidity from some highly successful people. Then he draws lessons and offers original practical steps that investors can take to make wiser decisions. Anyone who has ever looked back on a financial decision and said, qHow could I have been so stupid?q will benefit from reading this book.149a€“59; Dave Jackson and Jeff Madura, a€œProfit Warnings and Timing, a€ Financial Review, vol. ... Economic Implications of Corporate Financial Reportinga€ (June 2004), http:// and ... 184 A few years ago: Qwest Communications International Inc., 2002 Form 10-K filing, investor/financial/reports/2002/Final_ 10K ... 2005, litigation/ litreleases/lr19136.htm and comp_nacchio19136.pdf.

Title:Your Money and Your Brain
Author:Jason Zweig
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2007-09-04


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