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Description The Necronomicon - fabled book of the Black Arts, lost in antiquity and supposedly bound in human skin - the legend promises absolute power to the finder, but at a price that some are only too willing to pay, a price just as dangerous to the innocent who may unwittingly cross its path. Set over sixteen days during one summer, a suicidal teenager becomes an immortal demon, a Professor with a dangerous ambition discovers this most mystical of books and two people fall in love and over-come the ultimate evil. About the AuthorRichard M Clements was born at Colchester Garrison Hospital in 1969. He overcame Dyslexia as a child thanks to the avant-garde Head Master of Felstead Junior School. After five years at Langley Park School in Norfolk he dropped out of 'A' Level studies aged seventeen to work on a building site. Richard's first published work is his memoir entitled: qDefender: Adventures in Schizophrenia, q the story of a latent illness catalysed by his experimentation with L.S.D in 1989. He developed a love of creative writing over the next decade while trying a number of careers around the country. 'Zaxxon' is his debut occult thriller. Richard is currently working on his third book. He lives in Essex.To beat it she stuck the sharp end of a pencil into the factory-reset switch. The image returned. The word S T O P was prominently displayed and all the digital counters had reset to zero. It was done. The demons locked the door on 234.

Author:Richard M Clements
Publisher:Chipmunkapublishing ltd - 2011-06-01


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