Zechariah and the Creator Lord Jesus Christ

Zechariah and the Creator Lord Jesus Christ

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As the fifties ended, we were about to embark on a journey that would take our American society in a completely new direction. By reviewing history, we can identify how the tumultuous sixties chose our path while each decade, beginning in 1950 and continuing through 2000, determined our course at that time. On this journey, many values and lifestyles experienced by the Baby Boomers were left behind, not passed on to their children, Gen X and Gen Y. The resulting new outlook profoundly influenced attitudes held by these emerging generations. The fascinating field of handwriting analysis serves as our GPS which enables us to identify these attitudes, trace where we've been and understand where society is today. Handwriting is an expression of self and attitudes resulting from personal experiences, social interactions and events that made a significant impact. Reliving the journey with insight is made possible by studying handwriting samples obtained from high school yearbooks covering those five decades. Numerous historical and societal changes profoundly influenced attitudes of today. These attitudes mirror our culture. Handwriting analysis will not reveal precise societal changes; however, it will reveal how these changes impact attitudes.Chapter 7 (Zechariah 7:1-14) God Answers the Jewsa#39; Fasting Question With His Own Questions Chapters 7 and 8 ... This section divides the first section, consisting of eight visions in chapters 1-6, from the second section that consists of two ... This event happened slightly over a aquot;yearaquot; and 10 months after aquot; Zechariahaquot; received the eight visions of chapters 1-6 on the night of 15 February 519 BC (Zech.

Title:Zechariah and the Creator Lord Jesus Christ
Author:Dale M. Presley
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2001-04-01


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